ISB Woodstock 9.06 min

Originally posted 2018-01-29 16:22:17.

incredible-string-band-and-shirley-collinsWhen you find out who you are

According to the Woodstock web-site, the ISB’s set at this legendary festival consisted of three songs ‘Catty Come’ (believed to be a misheard line from ‘The Letter’), ‘This Moment’ and ‘When You Find Out Who You Are’, though in Robin’s sleeve notes to the recent Elektra CD reissue of ‘U’ he says that he also performed ‘Invocation’ to ‘the muddy hordes of Woodstock’. A short clip of the band performing ‘When You Find Out Who You Are’ was broadcast on British TV a few years ago as part of a Woodstock anniversary series of programmes. These programmes, ‘Woodstock Diaries’, have now been issued on DVD (Warner Brothers DVDSV3001D). The ‘I Looked On’ video contains this clip and a longer version (though still incomplete and in poorer quality), including footage of the band arriving at the festival site by helicopter! MPEG videos of the band’s appearance have recently surfaced, these include the full versions of ‘The Letter’ and ‘When You Find Out Who You Are’, along with a partial ‘This Moment’. The picture quality is pretty rough, but until this stunning find it was thought that no other footage of the band’s appearance existed!

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