Janis Joplin, Standing Nude

Originally posted 2015-02-04 00:18:16.

Janis Joplin Nude

Bob Seidemann – 1967

“Asked to describe the scene in his studio the day Janis arrived to pose for the nude poster, Seidemann says that originally the plan was for her to be bare only from the waist up, except for a cape and some beads. He shot several rolls of black and white 35mm film of Janis with a nipple peaking through the beads. Quoting Seidemann ” After I’d gotten what I wanted that day”, Janis said, Oh motherfucker! I want to take my fucking clothes off. Janis, I said, don’t take your fucking cloths off! It was too late. Her pants were off and suddenly we were taking pictures. That’s the way she was. She wanted to take her clothes off real bad.”
Quote is from the Ellis Amburn book “Pearl”.

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