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Myopia #3


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Hello and best wishes,

I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and end of the year celebration.

I would like to suggest you consider the gift of art for your holiday presents this year. For the art lovers in your life, and those who could be if they only knew, an original work of art or a beautifully framed fine art print will bring them long and lasting joy.

And what better way to support an artist than to buy their work…

Please click here to get to my ArtSlant SalesRoom. I think you will enjoy seeing what I have been doing and I hope you will find something of interest. The ArtSlant SalesRoom is a full service art sales salon and very convenient for art purchases.

To purchase my works, click on the For Sale tab on my ArtSlant profile. You can see everything I have available for the holiday season.

Next year I will have a new collection of photos that goes by the name of Allegory of Hell. They will be published as soon as I find a gallery to exhibit them. I think you’ll like my new work. Meanwhile, you can buy some oldies (but Goldies), such as the award-winning Myopia #3, or just drop by and let a word of support.

To purchase prints in many different sizes, framed or unframed, directly through the ArtSlant SalesRoom, click on the for sale button under the works that I am offering as prints. ArtSlant does a great job of producing museum-quality prints, and they will be shipped in 5 days.

Best of all, ArtSlant ships internationally, and they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all shipments going to the USA.


Thanks for considering the gift of art this year.

Please come browse my SalesRoom on ArtSlant and say hi.

And happy holidays!

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