• noun “One who makes pictures by means of photography”

Arlindo Pinto (b. 1962) based in Lisbon, born elsewhere, is a fine art photographer. He addresses topics such as, place, memory, past, identity and body issues. He presents his work manly in photobooks and photozines.

His approach to photography is multifaceted in its visual and material possibilities, refusing undeviating aesthetic codes.

Photography is a tool for self-knowledge and a way for him to connect with his inner self and with mankind, in order to promote greater self-awareness and acceptance.


  • noun “a way or manner of doing something”

Arlindo Pinto bought his first camera in 2003. Since 2014, he has published fourteen photobooks and photozines. Visit the Shop to find out the available titles. You can also purchase any photographs. Drop us a line.

Photography is not a professional activity for the author. The sale of his publications and photographs aims to recover the investment made in the projects he produces, so he can keep things in balance.

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